High Temperature, Bolted Closure Laboratory Batch Reactors

The highest pressure rating of the standard laboratory stirred reactors

The Parker Autoclave Engineers’ Bolted Closure Reactor has been designed for reliable high pressure operation. The seal is a metal gasket machined from the same material as the vessel. Many combinations of standard components are available. The cover of the unit remains fixed in the stand to permit opening of the vessel without disassembling any process connections. The body is easily removed and drops away from the cover.


High Temperature, Bolted Closure Laboratory Batch Reactors


  • Versatile product configuration.

  • Operating pressures as high as 5000 @ 950º F (345 bar @ 510º C).

  • Open vessel and remove body without disassembling pressure connection.

  • Available worldwide to meet codes such as ASME, CE, CRN.

  • Insulated cover and vessel flange doe heating efficiency.



The high temperature bolted closure stirred laboratory reactor permits research to be conducted at extremely high temperatures and pressures. It is used for chemical synthesis of corrosive, hazardous and very reactive chemicals / petrochemicals as well as materials research.