Bolted Closure Pressure Vessels

High Temperature Bolted Closure Pressure Vessel


Parker Autoclave's Bolted Closure Pressure Vessel, sized from 300 ml to 7.5 Liters, provides the user with a simple, flexible research tool that is easy to assemble, seal, and operate. The closure design allows you to use the full vessel ID for connections. Other connections can be put in the flanges or vessel bottom. The vessel uses a metal to metal seal that is not only reliable, but also reusable even at high temperatures.

Bolted Closure Pressure Vessels


  • Operating pressures of 2,000 to 6,000 psi (138 to 413 bar)

  • Operating temperatures to 1,400° F (760°C) at reduced pressures

  • Standard vessel ID's from 1.51 to 6.5 " (46 to 165 mm), IL's from 7 to 24" (178 to 610 mm)

  • Optional O-ring gaskets available for lower temperature applications

  • 316SS standard. Material options include HASTELLOY®, MONEL®, INCONEL®, Titanium and Nickel.
    (HASTELLOY®is trademark of Haynes International Inc. INCONEL®and MONEL®are trademarks of Special Metals Co.)

  • Special Sizes available on request

  • Complete systems with controls, pumps, and valves/fittings/tubing available

  • ASME Code Stamp/CRN Registration, CE, TUV, other codes (upon request and review) available

  • Bench-top or floor stands available

  • Removable liners allow for research flexibility



Versatility and ease of use are key with Parker Autoclave's Bolted Closure. Available in a variety of materials options. Removable liners enable the user to perform diverse, clean, reactions in the same vessel. The vessel can seal at elevated temperatures, without cooling the seal area. Inexpensive O-ring seals can be used for low temperature experiments. Parker Autoclave Engineers Division can design custom size vessels, or automation to meet any application.