UTD: Universal Tach Display

For monitoring speed


The UTD is designed to work with all Parker Autoclave Engineers MagneDrive units. It is available in two configurations UTD-Basic and UTD-Relay. The UTD-Basic model is designed to display RPM only. The UTD-Relay model adds two relay outputs that can be activated based on high or low setpoints.

UTD: Universal Tach Display


  • Autoclave UTD devices will work with Hall effect or reed switch sensors.

  • The units are operator configurable for use at either 120vac or 220 vac (50/60Hz)

  • The UTDs utilizes a large (½” high), 5 digit, LED display module.

  • UTD overall dimensions are: 3” High x 6”Deep x 5 ½” Wide.

  • Autoclave UTDs can be used with an isolator for intrinsically safe operation.

  • The UTDs are operator configurable for any AE MagneDrive and with the vast majority of AE sensors.*

  • The standard unit comes with 120 vac / 60Hz (USA) power cord.

    *excludes Pepperl-Fuchs IS sensors




  • Compact size minimizes workspace congestion.

  • Dual voltage input minimizes ordering information And simplifies installation procedures.

  • Optional relay output, if required.

  • Low cost for restricted budgets.

  • Worldwide factory support.

  • Simple setup and operation.