UMC: Universal Motor Control

For open loop control of AED MagneDrive motor speed


The Universal Motor Controller is an open loop motor speed Controller that is compatible with all Parker Autoclave Engineers Inc. DC motors

UMC: Universal Motor Control


  • Models are available for either 120 vac or 240 vac  supply power,

  • 120 vac supply power provides 90 vdc armature voltage. 230 vac supply power provides either 90 or 180 vdc  armature voltage.

  • Autoclave Universal Motor Controllers are capable of handling motors from 1/25HP to 3HP.

  • The Controllers are set up for a specific motor size at the factory. A simple resistor change is required for use with a different motor size.

  • Autoclave Engineer’s UMCs have UL/CUL approvals and the CE Mark is available as an option.

  • The UMCs are supplied in a NEMA-4 enclosure that is washdown safe.

  • The controller is preset at the factory for a medium (2 seconds).




The Universal Motor Controller contains proven state of the art electronics  that feature short circuit and transient protection. Electronic over load protection prevents costly motor burnout and de-magnetization of permanent magnet motors. The Universal Motor Controller comes with a 10 foot AC Power cord and a 10 foot cord to hook up the motor on the stirred reactor.