UHC - Universal Heater Controller

Fully integrated control, monitoring, and data handling of temperature for laboratory style reactors


Parker Autoclave Engineers (UHC) Universal Heater Controller provides the temperature required
for the majority of our stirred and non-stirred reactor systems. The unit will provide the
customer with a complete temperature control solution for his system including the optional data aquisition/control package if required.



  • PID control of electric heaters up to 15 Amps using internal circuitry. 

  • Adjustable setpoint ramping and auto tuning of temperature

  • An Over-Temperature control function will shutdown the vessel’s electric heater if the skin temperature exceeds alarm setpoint.  An automatic reset function restarts the reactor when temperature cools below setpoint.

  • 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz supply power capability




  • The UHC is capable of handling all sizes of AED reactors from the Mini-Reactor to the 4 Liter Vessels.

  • Heating Loop has a push button, Auto-Tune feature that will configure the control loop for optimum process control.

  • The UHC can be used for intrinsically safe operation when connected to an Parker Autoclave Engineers Isolator Package.