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Parker Autoclave Engineers was founded by Fred Gasche in 1945 to fill a gap in the world of high pressure and high temperature technology. Autoclave has created and produced many novel pressure vessel designs as well as made significant break throughs in high pressure technology such as the MagneDrive® magnetically coupled agitator. We have made these developments through commitments to constant innovation and hiring the best technical personnel available.

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Spinning Dispersimax

Two Catalyst Baskets
Spinning Dispersimax™ - GLS and GGS...


Mini-BC HTHP:  Mini Bolted-Closure Reactor for High Temperature and High Pressure Reaction Experiments

Mini Bolted-Closure for High Temperature and High Pressure Reaction Experiements


Advantages of using Parker Autoclave Engineers Reactor Port Connections.

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HOW TO select your equipment, order, and select the connections you will need for your application.
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Closure High Temperature vs. High Pressure Style

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